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The six ideas in Computer Architecture - Prof. Trevor Mudge
Surprisingly, there are only six distinct concepts used to design computers, apart from technology advances, that reappear in many guises over and over again:
Locality – spatial & temporal, e.g. caches
Prediction – no state change, e.g. branch prediction
Speculation – state change, e.g. prefetching
Indirection, e.g. virtualization
Parallelism, e.g. pipelining, OoO, vectors
Specialization, e.g. GPUs, accelerators
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Computer Architecture & Systems

  • ISCA - International Symposium on Computer Architecture
  • ASPLOS - ASPLOS is the premier forum for interdisciplinary systems research, intersecting computer architecture, hardware and emerging technologies, programming languages and compilers, operating systems, and networking.
  • MICRO - IEEE International Symposium on Microarchitecture
  • USENIX - Systems Researchers Conf
  • TACO - ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization focuses on hardware, software, and system research spanning the fields of computer architecture and code optimization
  • PACT - Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques
  • NAS - Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage
  • HotOS - Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems

High Performance Computing

  • SuperComputing - International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis.
  • HPCA - International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture by IEEE Computer Society
  • Hot Chips - A Symposium on High Performance Chips
  • PASC - The Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) Conference is an interdisciplinary conference in HPC that brings together domain science, applied mathematics and computer science – where computer science is focused on enabling the realization of scientific computation.
  • ISC High Performance - Event for HPC, Networking, Storage, AI/ML
  • HiPEAC - Events on High-Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilers
    • MULTIPROG - Workshop on Programmability and Architectures for Heterogeneous Multicores
  • ICS - ACM International Conference on Supercomputing of research results in HPC systems
  • HPCKP - HPC Knowledge meeting to share expertise and strategies in High-Performance Computing, Data Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence.

Halls of Fame

State of Computer Architecture Conferences: Source: Elba Garza

Search tools for conferences

  • WikiCfp
  • HGPU
  • NSF Funding - The NSF site provides a great filtering tool to list NSF funded projects, PIs in specific areas. A good tool to follow active research trends in areas of your interest. Here's an example for NoC/interconnection networks.


  • ACM Association for Computing Machinery
  • SIGARCH Computer professionals working on the forefront of computer design in both industry and academia.
  • SIGHPC - Special interest groupt for HPC
  • SIGMICRO - The ACM Special Interest Group on Microarchitecture
  • OpenCAPI - Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface
  • ITRS - International Technology Roadmap for semiconductors
  • Eurolab4HPC - To strengthen academic research excellence and innovation in HPC in Europe
  • PRACE - Partnership for Advanced computing in Europe
  • CASA - Computer Architecture Student Association

Industry Organizations

  • OpenHW Group - Proven Processor IP
  • CHIPS Alliance - Common Hardware for Interfaces, Processors and Systems harnesses the energy of open source collaboration to accelerate hardware development.
  • RISC-V - RISC-V is a free and open ISA enabling a new era of processor innovation through open standard collaboration.
  • MultiCore Association - Define and promote open specifications to enable multicore product development.
  • Storage Networking Industry Association - A non-profit global organization dedicated to developing standards and education programs to advance storage and information technology.
  • OpenFabrics Alliance - The Alliance’s mission is to develop and promote software that enables maximum application efficiency by delivering wire-speed messaging, ultra-low latencies and maximum bandwidth directly to applications with minimal CPU overhead.
  • Open Compute Project - Focus on reimagining hardware, making it more efficient, flexible, and scalable.
  • Open Chiplet Initiative - zGlue Open Chiplet Initiative is a gallery of open designs, tools, and file formats that span the chiplet ecosystem from toolsets all the way to completed designs. The goal of the initiative is to lower the barrier for entry to create a collaborative environment for chiplet-based systems.

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